#LenaDunham, #Girls, #LesleyArfin and the limits of privilege.


precious girls lesley arfin tallulah bankhead

I hope HBO’s Girls stays white and upper middle class and cosseted.  PLEASE  Jeebus (if you actually exist) let the producers  keep portraying  New York as a homogenized playground and source of irritation, jealousy & really horrendous sex for the characters.  I mean The Wire and Treme are enough diversity to last a lifetime on HBO, amirite?

I watched the show and shit, it’s their world.  Overeducated, privileged and cluelessly  living in a world of carefully selected group affirmation.  BRING IT ON!

Let’s be honest…is it fair to expect Dunham & her writers to attempt to represent a multi-ethnic world populated with people from different classes & races when they may not even know how to articulate that life in an entertaining, honest way? No. There are limits to the world being yours. Might as well embrace it.

Besides why should they  take on that onerous burden?
Success can mean a lot of things but it doesn’t have to mean acknowledging you may live in a world that doesn’t affirm your hopes & dreams every fucking minute of the day.  It’s the  American Dream, right?

Again:  The producers  can stay true to their vision and also provide taped evidence of why Think Like A Man is the #1 movie this weekend. As for Girls writer Lesley Arfin’s very fucked up tweet* about how the movie Precious didn’t have any representations of her….she knows damn well she was all up in PreciousMo’Nique‘s cruel, abusive, mean-spirited character of Mary Jones  was based on her!

*She deleted the tweet which is very funny. I hope she finds a way to incorporate this into the show.

This post has been brought to you by Cheetos.

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