ever been chased like Megan was by Don in Sunday’s #madmen?


Ever known that fear of a person crazy with anger coming to get you? What happens when the control freak has had enough?  What was he going to do to her if they didn’t fall on the floor together?



Cheesy Song of the Day, April 24: ‘Can’t We Be Friends’ Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong


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Ella Fitzgerald
& Louis Armstrong are telling the story of attraction turning into friendly affection instead of a full on robust love affair. I shrug because isn’t that the way it is — the guy you  like A LOT, sees you as a friend and the guy who likes you, you view as a friend.  I imagine people as molecules bumping into each other, but never attaching and forming new molecules. I don’t even know if molecules can do this but in my version of the world, they can.  And for days, months, years, there aren’t any molecules to attach to.  Or if there are molecules to attach to, the hold is too tenuous.
But what if the can’t we be friends part is the middle? And the molecule/person that slipped away many moons ago is now stronger, surer, confident…..adhesive?
What duet would Ella & Louis be singing?

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

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