Babies and #TheAvengers….


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I’m not a parent, but I think I understand. There’s a new movie out that you, parent of baby, are dying to see but you have a baby. Not a toddler who can at least help with carrying the popcorn with their little toddler hands, but a baby who cannot intelligently discuss how Joss Whedon‘s career in television impacted his directing choices in The Avengers but sure is vocal about other stuff!  Your intention is to see the movie in the theater, surrounded by people who have not brought a baby with them to theater. And dammit that’s what you are going to do!

Well, parent of baby, I have some thoughts for you:

I love your baby. Hire a babysitter. Take a break from the baby and get your movie on.  Because no one (specifically me) paid money to hear your baby cry.  This is my mini-vacation from the world, too.  Can there be a little bit of consideration & thoughtfulness for my time? No?

Okay so what did the baby think of Mark Ruffalo‘s take on the Hulk? Because I thought it was the most sensitive interpretation of the Hulk to date. Unless of course the baby prefers  Eric Bana or  Edward Norton, then I will have to revise my entire way of thinking.  Did the baby like Scarlett Johannsson as much as I did? I sure hope so!

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