I can feel my body rock/every time you call my name….


Cheesy Song of the Day, May 12: ‘Tell It To My HeartTaylor Dayne

Long Island, stand up!

Yes, I had a hair crimper and I used it.   The intro to the song hurtles me back in time to a certain Long Island dance club.  I had the big hair, micro minis and no clue.  Taylor Dayne, thanks for some of my favorite 80s memories.

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Cheap underwear, wine and love….

Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera's 2010-...

Kerry Washington at Metropolitan Opera’s 2010-11 Season Opening Night – “Das Rheingold” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

all cost more in the long run, so don’t bother! 

A rundown of what I learned this week:

  • I am a Gladiator! Shonda RhimesScandal is…….scandalous! (I can’t help myself!) Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn had a scene in Thursday’s episode that was a moving expression of love that is vibrant and powerful but yet must be aborted.  Everything about the show rocks — the casting, the storylines, the costume design! Scandal is indulgent brain candy. And I want more! ABC, thank you for renewing the show!