Take me away from the pain….


Mabou Mines beach sunset Tallulah Bankhead Cheesy Song of the Day

Everyone needs a little of this sometimes.

Cheesy Song of the Day, June 12:

‘Everything’ Mary J. Blige

The original selection for today’s Cheesy Song was a dour downer.  It fit the view outside of my window and the free floating anxiety that moved in uninvited.  But I decided no. Why give into this malaise?  What more could be learned from the fact that bad days come? Why not embrace that bad days don’t stay? That they are fleeting states just like happiness, fear, pity, anger, joy, and all the other stuff.  And the best thing to do, the best thing any of us can do is to process the feelings and know that they will change.


I went to one of my most favorite Mary J. Blige song’s.  The lyrical content is heartfelt and so is her delivery — she sounds  happy and joyous and filled with lovingkindness.  And for the length of a song, I am there with her.


This post has been brought you to by The Cellar.

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