What happens when I decide to clean out my files…


First, I find a channel that has videos to provide amiable background noise. Thanks, CMT!

Then, dive into all the papers that need organizing or tossing.  Laugh that I filed my birth certificate in a folder that says IMPORTANT PAPERS. Thrill that I was in my right mind that day in that moment.  Marvel that I have hanging file folders, tabs and inserts so I can file as if I’m Martha Stewart! (Still shocked that I was that prepared!)

Find a stack of articles and pop culture tidbits that I’ve saved for various reasons and laugh my ass off. Here’s the very random and hilarious list:

  • Savage Love column (Village Voice)
  • The Trials and Tribulations of Russell Jones album review (The Onion – April 2002)
  • Edie Sedgwick think piece (NY Press – April 2002)
  • Address Finder for figuring out Manhattan addresses (New York Times)
  • The Fifth Hundred Day Quiz (The New Yorker, June 2002)
  • Review of after hours club El Gato Negro (NY Press, September 1999)
  • 1999 Lilith Fair ticket stub
  • Shopping and Fucking program (entertaining incisive play)
  • Op-ed on Harvard and Columbia inviting Tom Paulin, an anti-Semitic poet (New York Obeserver)
  • Esquire’s Things A Man Should Never Do After the Age of 30 list (e.g. 43. Enjoy Jerry Bruckheimer movies, 15. Own a skull bong, 20. Own a futon)
  • In The Jungle, extensive article on the birth and life of the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight‘ (Rolling Stone, May 2000)
  • 10 Screenwriters to Watch, according to (Variety, October 2000)
  • Health Pill coating “kills HIV” (BBC News, July 1999)
  • Whitewashing Rudy Giuliani (New York Press, March 1999)
  • The Fall of Supermayor, an assessment on Giuliani’s second term pre-the terrorist attack on September 11 (New York, April 1999)
  • True Colors, history of hair dye and its impact on postwar America (The New Yorker, March 1999)
  • A Giuliani is a Jerk sticker (I had a case.)
  • Coming Soon: Paperbacks that Sound Like Hip-Hop, round up of cultural & business realities that forced publishers to market books like albums (New York Times)
  • Mary McNulty and John Quadrini wedding announcement (Why? I do not know!!!! I confuzzle me sometimes)
  • White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack by Peggy McIntosh (Peace and Freedom, July/August 1989)
  • Women on the Side, women in the entertainment industry (Los Angeles, September 2000)
  • The Fourth Hundred Days: The Quiz (The New Yorker, March 2002)
  • Bloomberg Frees the Press, op-ed by Gabe Pressman (New York Times, January 2002)
  • Pizza reviews (New York Times)
  • A Round of Indies With Drinks and Snacks (New York Times, July 2004)

I don’t know why I saved these clippings and I’m not sure if I want to toss them.  It’s like a time capsule of what was on my mind at the time. I entertain me.


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