one of the best nights of my life was spent at Florent for Bastille Day…


There was drinking champagne from shoes, dancing on bars,  over the top costumes, non stop giggling and pure madness.  As I wrote in 2008 the year of Florent’s closing:

This was not manufactured fun, where people show up and smile to give credence to a video game or a new phone in the hopes that the pictures will propel their marginal talents onward. It was the kind of fun where company and a genuine connection to location make all the difference in the world and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thankfully, this was pre-taking photos with your cell phone!

Whether it was 6pm or 6am, there was always a show playing that was kooky, heartfelt and unforgettable!

Watch Florent: Queen of the Meat Market if you are a little curious about the man who was the father of such alchemy.

Florent tallulah bankhead Bastaille Day

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