does every NYC nightclub hand over their customers’ personal info to the NYPD?


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from NY Daily News:

Tens of thousands of revelers have had their personal information scanned and then stored for possible review by police after passing through the velvet ropes of a pair of exclusive SoHo clubs.

Owners of the now-shuttered W.i.P. and Greenhouse clubs — after a series of safety and alcohol violations — entered a strict arrangement with the NYPD in March 2011, the Daily News has learned.

Among other stipulations, the 14-page agreement required the clubs to provide names, addresses and ID photos of everyone who came inside. The information is generally scanned from identifications and stored in a database or handwritten in log books.

Why would a nightclub sell out their patrons like this? Why would a nightclub owner willingly hand over such personal info?  I am making a distinction between a club having cameras and turning over the tapes to the police AFTER  a crime has been committed.  But giving up personal information without reason or cause?

Something doesn’t fit.  There’s gotta be more to the story. Ray Kelly, call somebody.

On another note, if Drake & Chris Brown hadn’t gotten into a tiff, we would never have known that Greenhouse was feeding NYPD information on citizens who are not criminals.

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2 thoughts on “does every NYC nightclub hand over their customers’ personal info to the NYPD?

  1. Don Hills used to scan your license. The only reason it bothered me is because I’m so old. I didn’t even think of how crappy it was that they had my info. That is the true mark of an old broad—I don’t even do anything worse reporting to the cops anymore!

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