in between coughing fits, a discovery….


Hall's affirmations hilarious blogging Tallulah Bankhead Hall's cough drops affirmations blogging Tallulah Bankhead

Hall’s cough drop wrappers have affirmations on them! And they are so up, up, up! Pardon the fuzzy photos above they were taken on the F train but here’s a list of the other affirmations:

  • Seize the day.
  • Be unforgettable
  • Don’t waste a precious minute.
  • Take charge and mean it.
  • Turn “can do” into “can did!”
  • Inspire envy.
  • Don’t wait to get started.
  • Get through it.
  • Get back in there champ!
  • Flex your “can do” muscle.
  • March forward!

So in between coughing up a lung and the night sweats, I can look down at these charming wrappers for a much needed cheerleader boost.  SCORE!


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