I see the clock up on the wall but it don’t bother me at all…



Cover of "Baby Boom"

Cover of Baby Boom

Cheesy Song of the Day, October 1:
‘Ever Changing Times’ Aretha Franklin feat. Michael McDonald; Siedah Garrett

Last night, I watched Baby Boom (insomnia!) and this song was used for a musical montage scene. Baby Boom was one of those 80s films created to mock baby boomers, yuppie consumerism and to remind women that they couldn’t win: If they had a consuming career, it would suffer when they had a kid and your kid would suffer if you had an all consuming career. But there was an answer to the rock and hard place: design a work/personal life that didn’t make you want to bang your head against the wall  and run screaming from your life. Diane Keaton was the lead (damn, she’s a good crier!)  Also Sam Shepherd was the love interest, the town vet. Hubba Hubba. And you know who else was in the movie? Mr. Big!

The insomnia was worth it to see that!  Also I think the person who did the music for St. Elmo’s Fire also did the music for this movie. Another note: the movie was produced by Nancy Meyers, my lifestyle porn dealer!

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?



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