“You know how some people say, ‘I would really like to make a middle-class living doing the arts;….



America (Photo credit: acb)

“……I feel like I deserve that’? Honestly, I never felt that. I never felt like artists deserved a living. I feel like getting a million dollars for my songs is just about the same as getting it from playing a card at 7-Eleven.”

this quote is from an ex-professional musician Travis Morrison in the NY Mag feature on how success in the 21st century music business means many things except an arena full of cash with a concession stand of health insurance.

a reality check on the bohemian/bourgeois divide. Here’s another from Salon.com:

If you’re an artist but your work is not closely connected to corporate America, you’re probably making modest money, quite possibly eating into any savings you might have, or at the very least just making your bills. I used to work for magazines put out by big corporations. The jobs were sometimes cushy, sometimes fun and challenging, sometimes a little humiliating. But for crying out loud I sure could pay my bills.

Can you pinpoint the moment when people who are (were) art makers in all mediums had to choose between bourgeois and bohemian life instead of comfortably floating between the two? I have some ideas but my number one idea has to do with Sandra Day O’Connor.

Saving that post for another day.


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