What you know now….


pole dancing chessy song of the day

Cheesy Song of the Day, October 27:
Got To Be RealCheryl Lynn

I know pole dancing strengthens your abdominals.

I know paying attention to bullsh*t is counterproductive.

I know there will always be a long ass  line at Family Dollar. ALWAYS.

I know I have a sink full of dirty dishes.  I’ll wash them…eventually.

I know women need to be saying this 24/7 to the politicians who believe in Legitimate Rape.

I know meditation helps me get through the day.

I know I burnt my dinner.

I know Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman book is funny and she totally punked out by refusing to even ask Lena Dunham about her insular, myopic TV show.  Cultural discourse is supposed to be challenging and uncomfortable, not ass kissy.

I know I am grateful for Stephen Colbert!

I know compassion is easier to manage than free floating rage. Not that free floating rage doesn’t have its place in my life but I’m enjoying embracing compassion before the rage.

I know if I get a dog, I’m naming him or her Nebula Five.

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