Is this creepy or charming?


Cheesy Song of the Day Ronnie Milsap There's No Getting Over Me

Cheesy Song of the Day, November 26:

‘There’s No Getting Over Me’ Ronnie Milsap

When the song came on the radio last week, I was reminded how much I loved the song as a little girl.  The melody had me and the lyrics were sweet.  But time, maturity and information made me wonder if the heartsick protagonist is also saying: Even if you want to move on emotionally, I won’t let you.  It’s the same thud that I got from The Police’sEvery Breath You Take‘ — this isn’t a song of adoration, it’s a stalker song!

Lesson from this: I listen to hard and need to stop doing that.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

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