I had a feeling….


April 2008 I wrote:

HBO, Showtime or Logo needs to buy the rights to David France’s article…

France meticulously and hauntingly tracked  Dr. Ramon Torres journey from AIDS pioneer to an HIV positive meth addict. It’s a must-read.

September 2012: France’s documentary How to Survive a Plague premiered. From NY Observer.com:

A 2012 Sundance selection, the documentary, which is mostly based on archival footage, took Mr. France about three years to make. How to Survive a Plague documents the rise of the AIDS epidemic in the ’80s through the lens of members of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) who endeavored to legalize certain drugs, affect required changes in policy, and demand more investment in AIDS research and dignity for homosexuals. The film takes us from the first ACT UP protest in 1987 to the mid-’90s when they finally hit upon a successful protease inhibitor to treat AIDS.

Yes, I know I’m three months late. Now I have to figure out how I’m going to see it.




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