i found a cassette tape that an old boyfriend made….


…it says ‘This tape is for [REDACTED]  to listen to every chance she gets’.  Side A is “…what you do to me…” and side B is “…then let’s keep dancing.” Here’s the list:

brickhouse – commodores

and it stoned me – van morrison

jenny – de la soul

sir duke – stevie

get up edina – desmond dekker

slim’s jamslim gaillard (he was obsessed with this guy.)

as – stevie

some Brazilian song about Angelica

my baby just cares for me- nina

chuck e’s in love – ricki lee jones

twisted – annie ross (I know why this was included this – we had some crazy fights and for some reason, he thought I was crazy…go figure)

don’t let me be misunderstood – animals (ahem.)

i got the feelin’ – james

after the dance – marvin

that will be good enough for me – rance allen

pungee – the meters

pata patamiriam makeba

getting some fun out of life – billie

fight the power – isley brothers

utt-do-zay – cab calloway

all in love is fair – stevie

step right up – tom waits

run joe- louis

i will – beatles

is that all there is? – ofra haza (i’m looking for ofra’s cover…stay tuned.)

We were completely wrong for each other, but he had excellent taste in music. I gotta listen to this!  And no, I’m not looking him up on Facebook….life is too short for that kind of foolishness.



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