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Olivia, get away from him.

…had a play day at Building 92 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.   It seems too remote to become a habitable community with apartments, delis, dry cleaners and oh oh coffee shops,  but Dumbo was just as remote at one time and look at it now! The hard part is if the BNY developers will figure out how to residents will get home safely after the sun goes down.

…a guy exposed himself on 6th Avenue. I didn’t look directly at his peen, but I saw it in his hand. Other people saw it too but they had the mental quickness to look away.  Doubly stunned because it was under 40 degrees.

…have a new Thursday night ritual:  Scandal, facial, red wine.  Beauty and drama!

…homemade pear gorgonzola salad with walnuts does it for me.

Roger Ebert’s review of Tyler Perry’s latest movie moved me.  Ebert really loved film with his brilliant big heart.  Tyler Perry needs to figure out if he does.

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