The week that was….


loneliness the highline

here you can taste your thoughts.

….damp, cool evenings are a good time to walk the Highline – no crowds, just a girl and her thoughts.

also the Whitney is coming to the Highline!

…have you seen a stranger’s photo and had an immediate, overwhelming feeling of longing? Lloyd Ziff’s photos of a very young Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith did that to me. I am not an obsessive fan of Mapplethorpe or Smith but there is a something about their presence in these photos that is powerful.

Culture Social: a Networking Salon for Creatives & Entrepreneurs is coming together! 

…I had the craziest idea ever….and I cannot wait to share it with the world.

…Hot yoga, FTW.

…Huck Finn + Obamacare + Topsy = Kara Walker is not fucking with you people.

Special thanks to 56 Degrees  for their contribution to the writing of this post.


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