Rewind Friday…


Crazy talk.

I don’t love writing blog posts but I enjoyed writing these posts:

Tallulah at the Movies: Celeste and Jesse Forever  – a romantic drama/comedy with amazing performances, good music and reality….love is not unicorns and rainbows…shit is hard and fucked up.

Love and Consequences, The Blurbs – woman pretends to be a white gangbanger in LA, gets book deal, sister rats her out and….

Thoughts on #EscapeFromBeckyville by Nicole D. Sconiers – entertaining traipse through America’s race, gender, pop culture landscape.

Are women celebrities treated like s**t compared to men celebrities by the tabloids? – it’s complicated.

For those of you who feel sorry for Sarah Palin…. – how many people could that be?

O.K., I have to get past this thing and get on with my life now. – didn’t work. oh hell.

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