The Week in Review, May 24


For some reason, this week seemed longer than five days. It felt like 10 days and it wasn’t even an arduous week.  The highlights included  devouring a pulled pork sandwich at my new favorite cafe, checking out Business Insider and Outbrain offices and getting to silly in the Bosco Booth. The less than ideal moments involved a run in a torrential downpour with a baby size umbrella and getting stuck on the G train.  I hate getting stuck anywhere but especially in an underground tunnel. GAH!

But Friday is finally here. Time to enjoy the break from obligations and routine.  Sleeping in? Check! Matinees? Check! Ice cream for breakfast, lunch & dinner? Check! Wild! But before I make sweet love to the three day weekend, I must share the links of the week.  You may smirk, grimace, kvell and/or nod in recognition as you get your jolt of Tallulah curated wisdom:

Everyone should use this approach for dating. I am so serious.  [Under 30 Ceo]

My question is did any of these schools even ask Dr. Dre for money? [All Hip Hop]

I’m in ‘Scandal’ withdrawal. You?

GP stays winning. Oblivious but winning.

Reality TV is never going to die because there will always be people who don’t know the meaning of the phrase: ‘I decline’ [WE TV]

Read A Time To Be Born. Don’t ask why, just do it.

Deleting emails from toxic people is AWESOME.

If you want a reminder of our ability to be fully committed to doing wrong, watch ‘I Love You, Phillip Morris’.

Hello Anthony Weiner. Thank you for giving Christine Quinn some pushback. She deserves it.

Iced ginger tea with honey not only tastes delightful — it also soothes a queasy tummy.

Now I have to go torture the crew of that TV show filming outside my apartment….happy weekend!


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