Growing up, I was enamored with Diana Ross…


scratch that — I was besotted.  I loved The Supremes but Diana Ross fascinated me.  Her breathy speaking voice, her costumes, that hair! And of course the music:

Yes, every time I see Mrs. Carter, I wonder if she sends Diana Ross a thank you note every fucking day.

Diana Ross is IT!

So in a world where Diana Ross is my icon, to paraphrase Public Enemy on ‘Fight The Power’, I said motherfuck Marilyn Monroe.

At the time.

Last night, I watched the documentary Love, Marilyn and I was moved by Marilyn’s sadness and sensitivity and how her life and the time made for this amazing once in a lifetime conflation of bombshell, talent and savvy.  I look at Marilyn and wonder what would have happened if she had a little bit of the toughness of Diana, Aretha, even Mrs. Carter and my favorite icon to love/hate, Madonna.

Oh the stories Marilyn would have told instead of leaving the world to sift through diaries, photos and movies.

So yes, after all this time I get Marilyn Monroe and I’m beginning to admire her.

Happy Tuesday.


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