What is life without laughter?


This is life without laughter. Not looking so hot, right?

But thanks to a THRILLING  combination of something called Runa
and insomnia, I have found many giggles to share with the world….

It’s wrong when famous people trick sad, entertainment starved zombies.

This man has lost his mind.

Finally an answer to what R&B diva/reality show villain, Kelly Price, wants.

Whatever Tami Roman says to do, do the opposite. No, this is not a test.

Who else to explain ignorant humans to the world?

I’ve decided that my brain does its best work Tuesday – Saturday.

In the same way I missed Janet Jackson’s adorned nipple the last time I paid attention to a Justin Timberlake performance, I missed the simulated analingus going on in Brooklyn.  Life!

Pic via.


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