Dear Hostess….. (part 2)



I see that you have brought back Twinkies and the cupcakes.

That is quite lovely but you know my PMS is here for the Raspberry Zingers and Suzy Qs, right?

I would love to know if there’s a planned date on bringing these two very necessary mood stabilizers back to the marketplace.

Thanks much,
Tallulah B.

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10 Funny and Frightening Vintage Sex Ed Films


I love this, every day and all day.


Earlier this week, website Open Culture unearthed a video gem from Disney. The Mouse House created several educational shorts during their heyday, including animations about sex education and family planning (oddly, starring Donald Duck). We feature one of them past the break, along with other vintage clips that offer absurd and inappropriate advice about our bodies, our sex lives, and our health.

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The week in #hairplay….


Thanks to Naturally Curly, I received free samples of L’Oreal’s EverCurl Hydracharge shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream  And I am a new fan of this sulfate free reality.

My hair adventure has involved flings with Miss Jessie’s, Kinky Curly, Wen and I liked them but I wanted/needed MORE.

So the summer hair routine consisted of  saturating my hair with  Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner during the week and Lush R&B hair moisturizer on the weekends. I love the deep conditioner because it’s a wonderful detangler.  I love the hair moisturizer because it softens my hair and smells DIVINE (if you don’t believe go to your local Lush and ask for a sample).

I avoid shampoo because it leaves my hair dry, crunchy and tangled.  But my hair loves and responds to the Hydracharge shampoo with tangle free softness!   And I think it’s due to having zero sulfates. I’ve added it  to the yes list!

Now, the  Hydracharge conditioner cannot take the place of Mixed Chicks in my heart, but it gets a thumbs up as a budget-friendly alternative. ($14 vs. $6.99). I douse my hair w/ the conditioner, dry it with a diffuser and VOILA!  I’m on my way to a hair happy day.

I have the same to report about the Hydracharge leave in cream — detangles and softens for under $10.

Hair happiness is back!