I’m so glad that Tim of #40DaysofDating wrote this…


Selfishly, part of me wishes that she could be more of an aggressor, someone who would try to convince me to change my mind once. I know it’s not her style, but, selfishly, I wish her actions showed it as much as her words. Maybe she gives up too quickly. Maybe I want someone who’s gonna fight for me. Maybe that’s all BS, and I’m just making cowardly excuses. Maybe she just loves love. Maybe I’m just a scared little boy who can’t man up. Whatever it is, I know she deserves more. She doesn’t deserve someone who is unsure about her.

Seeing it in black and white makes it clear.  Tim’s safe place is ambivalence & fear and that’s where he belongs.  What do you do with people like this?  Bid them adieu? Wait for them to come around?  A rain dance? I have no idea but I do know, the best part is that Jessica (and any other person who encounters Tim or Tim-like behavior) has something that all the ambivalence in the world can’t destroy: a choice.

Yes, the blog was insufferable. Tim and Jessica are insufferable but aren’t we all a bit insufferable when it comes to matters of our heart?  Or maybe that’s just me.

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