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Me minus you is such a lonely ride….


Hostess Zingers

I promise to only consume you every three months instead of gorging on you monthly, due to PMS and other emotional calamities.  PROMISE.

What brought me joy this week….


My week was loopy.  The things I told myself would make me happy turned out to be duds and instead, I had so many accidental adventures that brought me unbridled joy.  The list isn’t long but it’s meaningful…

And how was your week?

Some Isaac Hayes to start the week….


What brought me joy this week…


It’s not a long list but it’s a meaningful one…

  • Found fleece leggings for $6.99.  These are the  leggings that make it easier to leave the house on chilly winter mornings.
  • I got sick.  I was going out to a swanky club for a private party.  Cute outfit? Check! Make-up? Check! Drink & cab money? Check!  My head was willing but my body screamed….
    In the moment the pause pissed me off; after some reflection, I decided that what happened was meant to happen. It wasn’t enjoyable, but I gained the wisdom to appreciate life as it happens instead of wallowing in disappointment. This is a major leap forward for me.
  • Having a Pema Chodron listening session is key to having a healthy week.
  • I had an appointment with my hematologist and I didn’t have to pay because I had a credit.
  • Lauryn Hill didn’t lie…

Ever have a day where you just want to curl up under the covers and listen to…


Ever have a day where you just want to curl up under the covers and listen to…

….the Original Broadway cast  recording of Rent?  

I am in that place.  I don’t want food.  I don’t want wine.  I just want to hide out from the world and listen to East Village revisionist history set to music. 

Stay tuned……

Shut up, shut up, shut up….


I hate myself for even considering liking this song.