What brought me joy this week…


It’s not a long list but it’s a meaningful one…

  • Found fleece leggings for $6.99.  These are the  leggings that make it easier to leave the house on chilly winter mornings.
  • I got sick.  I was going out to a swanky club for a private party.  Cute outfit? Check! Make-up? Check! Drink & cab money? Check!  My head was willing but my body screamed….
    In the moment the pause pissed me off; after some reflection, I decided that what happened was meant to happen. It wasn’t enjoyable, but I gained the wisdom to appreciate life as it happens instead of wallowing in disappointment. This is a major leap forward for me.
  • Having a Pema Chodron listening session is key to having a healthy week.
  • I had an appointment with my hematologist and I didn’t have to pay because I had a credit.
  • Lauryn Hill didn’t lie…

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