What brought me joy this week….


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The list is not long but it’s meaningful….

Karl Lagerfeld. Yesterday, today and forever. 

I got my teeth cleaned and was informed I grind my teeth.  Must buy mouth guard!

The Real Husbands of Hollywood is a fitting spoof of the reality show genre and its knuckleheads. 

Deleting Kickstarter emails! I’ve made my 2013 donations with glee and discretion.  The bank is closed until 2014. It feels so good to know.

I kinda had a feeling that that the 60 Minutes story on Benghazi reported by Lara Logan was bullshyt. Now my gut has been confirmed by professional journalists. 

Free Beauty Treatments? Um yeah.

Heaven is named Nikki.

[Image: Flickr user amytrippmyers]


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