To the bus driver who closed the door on me today…


…that was some funny shit, right?

I ran to the catch the B38 bus that you were driving.  Yes, you saw me in your rear view mirror. How could you not? But you closed the door just as I boarded the bus. Well, either you thought I would give up or you went momentarily blind and insane, but there I was in the door. Laughing, I think in shock. You saw me, opened the door and I boarded.

Oh wait, there’s more.

What made YOU even more fragile was how you refused to make eye contact with me after treating me so rudely. How could you look me in the eye when we both knew that you gave into your pettiness and smallness? I laughed again because your avoidance of my gaze confirmed that we are both human beings working with our limitations.

And now I can…..


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