Beauty Junkie Bonanza, Part 2


Last month, I received a bounty of beauty products to play with for the rest of the year. Yeah, it is that good.  I am making my way through the various creams, lip sticks, mascaras, scents, etc. Today’s spotlight beauty product is Sachajuan’s Hair Repair.

Even if I assume a product is crafted mostly for Caucasian/Asian hair, I’m willing to try it once on my 4C hair. What’s the harm?  The hair repair appeal (from Birchbox):

This innovative product uses Sachajuan’s Ocean Silk Technology—sourced from nutrient-rich algae—to stimulate hair cells and strengthen each strand for healthy, continued growth. Its forms a non-oily film around hair fibers, much like a bandage, that reduces frizz and enhances shine for a picture-perfect coif.

Healthy growth without a oily film? Light beach smell? Imma need some of that. Although the directions say leave on hair 5-10 minutes and rinse, I gotta be me.  That’s right —  an overnight deep condition.  The next day, I loved the feel of my hair and how the hair repair moisturized my curls after a thorough rinse through.  A beauty bonanza win.

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