Why creative communities work: a look at Vimeo and SoundCloud


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feather“As creative humans, we tend to always reach beyond our own limits. We want to keep learning and defy past accomplishments. In essence, we want to transcend ourselves. But we are most fulfilled when we push beyond what we can do alone. Whatever our goals, working with others may be the best path to happiness.” ~Scott Belsky (via 99U)

When do you feel most creative? Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, I bet that it’s often either during or right after collaborating amongst your peers. Community is incredibly important to the process of creativity, and often to the livelihood of creative people. Just look at how Quirky has created an opportunity for makers, bringing their creations to life and into the market through the power of community. Or, how creative talent is discovered through communities such as Behance.

Community is also a key aspect to creative…

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