notes on #girls


  • No fucking way is that James Taylor’s guitar pick.
  • I blame Desi for not putting Clementine’s feelings before wanting to kiss Marnie.  Shit happens but can the person who believes they love you at least try to be thoughtful, gracious and kind with your fucking heart? Is that too much to ask of this wretched world?
  • Elijah is the truth.
  • And so is Clementine for seeing Marnie for the underhanded sneaky wench she is.  I get the Marnie hate because every single one of us has an inner Marnie, but I’m hoping and praying that we know enough about ourselves to be repulsed by that truth.
  • Marnie and Hannah are out of their minds. The gaping maw that they call an inner life will never be satiated.  The best part? This is their happy place.
  • Jessa is going to join the cast of Orange is the New Black.
  • Shoshanna, I know. It’s going to suck more and then it’s going to suck less and then you are going to be you, but with more heart, more honesty, more wisdom.  A little bit of you is going to hurt from time to time but that’s you too.

So did anyone else watch? Tell me what you think or tell me if I’m out of my mind.


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