What brought me joy this month…


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Victoria’s Secret leggings are the bomb.

Reading more during my downtime instead of playing video games.  I know there is research that highlights how video games can be good for the brain, but I’ve felt that my video game playing was a convenient crutch to avoid emotional engagement. Loading up my Kindle with great books and countless articles has made it easy to avoid the Candy Crush addiction that would await me otherwise.

But knowing when to pause to blank out my brain is AMAZING!  Post-surgery, I had a blissful moment when I gave myself full on permission to just be.  To not worry about the laundry, the dirty dishes, the dust bunnies but just be. Correction: to heal and be.  Once I accepted that, the free-floating anxiety that had been a persistent voice in my head quieted down.  All the way down.  And now that I’m on the continued road to recovery, I still tap into the truth that sometimes, I need to turn off the laptop, TV and the phone, embrace the quiet and listen to myself.

Using my time mindfully. Sunday nights used to be a wasteland for me.  Sorbet for dinner, CSI:Miami marathons, undone laundry, too much Twitter time made getting through Monday and the week a mess. I was accepting that I couldn’t do better. Truth?  I didn’t even try to do better. Then I hit a wall of frustrated boredom.  It wasn’t working to pretend that some external force was forcing me to be super slothful.   I decided to try two small changes: planning my outfits for the week and making lunch to take to work.  So far, the changes are working.  I’m finding that it’s easier to start the day when I feel a bit more jazzed about the choices I can and do control.  For the times when I may be too tired to be this proactive, Imma just give myself permission to be.

So what brought you joy this month? Share!

2 thoughts on “What brought me joy this month…

  1. Rock Star

    Realizing that “All in the Family’ makes me laugh from the same refreshingly honest place inside of me that “Modern Family” does.

  2. Rock Star

    oh yeah, and Revlon Matte Lip Balm in “Shameless” and “Standout” and asparagus sauted in coconut oil

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