…..So what brought YOU joy in May?



Do tell, do tell!

When I sit down to write these monthly recaps,  I invariably panic because I am convinced I did nothing over the last month to merit a blog post, let alone joy.  But thanks to an obsessive cataloging via social media, I have a handy way of reliving the highs (lows & in-betweens but that’s for another day) of the past 30 or so days.

Here we go….

  • That fluttering feeling in the stomach is goody, goody.
  • Silver Buillions on the fingers and Daisy Yellow on the toes.
  • Managing dysfunctional people & organizations is difficult but not impossible.  A huge thank you to various Buddhist podcasts & JW for helping me navigate and negotiate the bullshit & fuckery.  It is possible to live a life where there’s alignment between your words and actions.
  • I got so excited when I saw The Gap has tank tops for $8.  I got even more excited when I bought a 3-pack of Hanes tank tops for $9.50.  Summer 2014, here I come!
  • Imma lusting after every dress on 50 Limes.  And nothing on the site is over $50.  Again, summer 2014, here I come.
  • There’s a new dining club in town and I can’t wait to try it.
  • I love this photo of a baking adventure gone awry.
  • This song….

So what made your month goody, goody?



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