Blogs That Made 2014 For Me


I read a lot. Sometimes too much. When a recent internet outage cut me off from my precious digital world, I didn’t stop reading. The first time in years I read the NY Times in hard copy, too. Wooh!

No matter the form, what I love about reading is the rabbit holes that a good article or post can lead me down.  Some would call those rabbit holes a time suck but thanks to recognizing the need of a time management and tracking tool (thanks, Google Keep!) and using it, I’ve learned how to incorporate new information and interests without feeling inefficient or lazy.

Here are the blogs that led me down many good, enriching rabbit holes last year….

politics & fashion –  A blog that highlights the threads of black womanhood, social justice and  fashion.  Visit for the inspiring photos, stay for the thoughtful, sometimes hilarious conversation.

Black Book Confessions – Who doesn’t love a no holds barred dating blog? Ella North rides the waves of Tinder swooning, first date sex, romantic doubt and certainty with verve and honesty. Many lessons learned (and implemented), thanks to her willingness to share the ups and downs of modern dating.

Sex and the City of Light – My appreciation and affection for the Sex and the City  series makes it very hard to ignore this blog chronicling one  woman’s amorous adventures and meetups in one of the most romantic cities in the world?   Roxy, I’m drinking the bubbly and reading.

Kindness Blog – The world is going to stay confusing, maddening, joyful, rage-inducing, thoughtful, carny.  Practicing and cultivating kindness is a good habit to incorporate into your life and the Kindness Blog makes it easy for me to do so.  Yes, even when I’m pissed and want to choke the living shit out of someone.

Marc and Angel Hack Life –  For the same reasons that I indulge in the Kindness Blog but this is the most important reason of all. Excerpt from ’28 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Relationships’:

Stop being insensitive. – Always be kinder than you feel. Yes, be waaaay kinder than necessary.  You never know what someone is going through.  If you cannot speak a kind word, say nothing at all.

There  is so much more to say and be in our lives but what a wonderful place to start.

That’s my list — what’s on yours?

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