the list….


it is not a fixed list but a guide….this is what I’m working on becoming before I die…

Great sense of humor /wicked sense of humor

Skilled with his hands (able to fix things)

Healthy well-adjusted relationships in personal and professional life

Kind of heart – connected to the world in a meaningful way

  • Knows what’s important to argue over and what’s not
  • Cares about people and wants to make a difference in life
  • Not a dreamer but in touch with his inner child (but not arrested development)

·        Knows how to take a weekend off to go to Tahiti and why
·        Values reciprocity (and acts accordingly)
·        Has an inner asshole but deploys it judiciously
·        Prefers fun over moping
·        Thoughtful
·        Challenging in debate and the head
·        Intellectually curious
·        Cute

Values reciprocity


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