Reason #259 to be deliriously happy….


I did not drunk text anyone yesterday!   I laughed, bought some black fleece tights (thanks, Duane Reade!) and enjoyed a very laid back, chill day.
Restraint IS more beautiful than indignant, alcohol fueled rage.

And now time for more laughs:

I heart you, Tina Fey!  But I won’t stalk you.  I promise.

Linkarrhea, March 21


This is a major  sign that a fake socialite should drink at home. [GofaG]

A man who needs an ark of  Ativan. [Crooks & Liars]

This AIG mess is never going to end.  [CNN]

Does anyone working at Fox have any integrity? [HuffPo]

Funny, I call bankers welfare queens too. [The Daily Beast]

I wonder how many people will stop shopping at Whole Foods because of this story. [Gothamist]

Bono leaves so much to be desired as an activist according to Dave Marsh. [Counterpunch]

In the wake of the New Depression generated by Bono’s tutors in world finance, it’s hardly necessary to issue a point by point refutation of his statements about how the world works,. Based on Bono’s response to criticism of U2’s tax avoidance, he plans to carry to the grave the ardently stupid globalization orthodoxy of Forbes, the Wall Street cheerleading rag he co-owns. Can there be anyone else who’s ventured a deep thought in the last several months who still believes that the only path to change involves bending the knee to the powerful?

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The waiting is the hardest part…


30 Rock won’t be coming back with new episodes until October 30th!

I didn’t watch the Emmys and considering how much television I watch…


(yes, I’m one of the carbon based lifeforms who watched that awful Rachel Zoe show on Bravo), I should have been all up in the Emmys with some champagne and chicken wings.

Good for the 30 Rock and Mad Men (two of my favorite shows) wins but I must admit being more consumed with the nuts and bolts of real life is taking precedence over the career triumphs of characters I only know via an oversized television screen.   Lately, the hope that the audience (okay, me) will be so invested in a TV show that I want to celebrate its real world successes seems kinda lame to me.

I could be using that time to do anything else other than bask in the media created frenzy of who wins, who loses and who wore what.

And now I can return to maintaining a healthy respectful relationship with my television.

Does this mean I’m growing up?

AOL Television’s of Emmy Awards ’08

Protected: Oprah is definitely going to be on ’30 Rock’ this season!


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Coup on 30 Rock!


Oh no, the creator of MILF Island was dethroned!

And Tracy Jordan created a porn video game. Manchildren, across the land, rejoice in the bounty and intelligence of their Lord…

Tina Fey, thank you for….


MILF Island.