What I love about Nancy Meyers movies…

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I want to marry this kitchen.

…it’s really indulgent and luxurious spending two hours enjoying:

  • older white upper middle class people falling in & out of love.

Hey Nancy, I know I could be mad at you, but I ain’t!

What Women Want
Something’s Gotta Give
It’s Complicated


Protected: If I were Oprah Winfrey, I would weigh 200 pounds too.


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Media moment of the day – Alec Baldwin & David Letterman


I didn’t watch the Emmys and considering how much television I watch…


(yes, I’m one of the carbon based lifeforms who watched that awful Rachel Zoe show on Bravo), I should have been all up in the Emmys with some champagne and chicken wings.

Good for the 30 Rock and Mad Men (two of my favorite shows) wins but I must admit being more consumed with the nuts and bolts of real life is taking precedence over the career triumphs of characters I only know via an oversized television screen.   Lately, the hope that the audience (okay, me) will be so invested in a TV show that I want to celebrate its real world successes seems kinda lame to me.

I could be using that time to do anything else other than bask in the media created frenzy of who wins, who loses and who wore what.

And now I can return to maintaining a healthy respectful relationship with my television.

Does this mean I’m growing up?

AOL Television’s of Emmy Awards ’08

Coup on 30 Rock!



Oh no, the creator of MILF Island was dethroned!

And Tracy Jordan created a porn video game. Manchildren, across the land, rejoice in the bounty and intelligence of their Lord…


April 10, 2008 all the geeks will rejoice to see Judah, Tracy, Alec and Ms. Fey once again.