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toxic britney spears cheesy song of the dayCheesy Song of the Day, August 18:

ToxicBritney Spears

Oh Britney.  Did you write this for K-Fed?*  What a catchy paen to really awful dangerous decision making, right?  And the worst part? She’s inviting it in! She’s begging for it.  But the residue after all the toxic madness is not worth the high.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

*She didn’t write the song.

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How much will Jessica Alba be paid for pictures of her new daughter?


$3 million?

$5 million?


I can understand why Nicole Richie did it….she may be a pop music heiress and be dating a successful musician but she needs her own mad money now that she can’t get paid by nightclubs for showing up.  New mommies who are recovering addicts partying their brains out at a nightclub will never be in style. (Sorry, Britney.)

But I can’t understand why Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez took money for pictures of their semi-unattractive f**k trophies.  How greedy do you have to be to negotiate a payday because you had a kid?  Especially when you are a multimillionaire.   And how much of a megalomaniac do you have to be to seek out the spotlight for a little baby?

So Jessica I hope you follow Halle Berry‘s lead and ignore all the clamoring for photos of your new baby.   I hope to not know what your daughter looks like until she’s running for President or finds the cure for Pediatric AIDS.  You know, do something newsworthy to the world other than being born.

UPDATED – Tallulah wonders….


why didn’t Shar Jackson flip out when K-Fed dumped her for Britney?

While she was pregnant?

I can’t fully explore this because I’m heading out to a viewing of the exhibit

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but I will when I return.


Let’s rewind to 2004 when Britney and Kevin got it into their heads to be together.

Britney and Kevin became engaged on June 27, 2004; Shar gave birth to their second child Kaleb on July 20, 2004.

Given all the hormonal changes that pregnancy wreaks on the body, I’m stunned that Shar wasn’t running around in the streets of Los Angeles sans underwear, hanging out with Lindsay and Paris and being a general nuisance in light of Kevin’s choice to break out and be with the pop star.

That’s right, she couldn’t she was having the man’s baby and raising his other one.

Now, I may not agree with Shar’s subsequent forays into maintaining her time in the slimelight but a single mother has got to do what she has got to do.

But Miss Britney?

She lost her mind when she realized that her prize stud husband was going to party like a single man using her hard earned money.

He wanted to continue partying like a single man using his wife’s money.

So Miss Britney lost her semi-illiterate mind. Her behavior of the last six months proves it. That was unacceptable to this chick. Although she had a major heads up that Kevin could be a selfish, opportunistic prick, Britney could not grasp that he would ever toss her to the side in the same way he did Shar.

Maybe Shar didn’t flip because she knew and accepted the flawed Kevin. She knew he was a trick but could roll with having his kids. Once he made his move to be Britney’s ‘kept’ man, Shar took care of her business without visits to psych wards or unprofessional performances on live music shows.

Although a little cynical voice believes Kevin and Shar decided that Britney was their mark for access to her money and fame and it worked like a charm, I’m still on the side that Shar wasn’t a spoiled and stupid pop star who thought the world owed her a man to love because oops she wanted him.

Couldn’t CBS’ How I Met Your Mother have hired a real working actress for the….

role they gave train wreck Britney Spears?

(From psych ward to sitcom. Damn America. Tallulah is not a fan of women who have children with men in the hopes that the man will stay with them. Britney, in her infinite American brilliance, had two with K-Fattie.)

Actresses in Los Angeles must want to eat their teeth when they think of Britney on a top rated sitcom.

See what it is to play unfair!

-William Blake, poet

All because she had to have Kevin Federline….




NY Times on the impact of Britney Spears downward spiral on her net worth and career:

Ms. Spears will not run out of money anytime soon, but her longer-term prospects have taken a hit in the last year because of bizarre behavior — her public scenes, questionable parenting skills and a shaky comeback performance at the MTV Awards — and her tortured personal life after her divorce from Kevin Federline, formerly one of her backup dancers.

According to court documents, her everyday finances seem to have fallen into disrepair as well. A Feb. 14 court filing put it starkly: “Members of Britney’s household,” it said, “have been paying for her basic necessities, including medicine, food, and other day-to-day needs.”

On Feb. 1, the day after Ms. Spears was involuntarily admitted for treatment at the U.C.L.A. Medical Center, her estranged father, Jamie Spears, was named her co-conservator, giving him control over her treatment, security, visitors and daily life.Mr. Spears is sharing oversight of her estate with an independent lawyer, Andrew M. Wallet, to dispel the notion that Ms. Spears’s parents were making a grab for their daughter’s fortune. With the court’s permission, they immediately fired her business manager.

Possibly her parents couldn’t stop her from marrying that deadbeat because it meant that they would be cut off: 

All the independent lawyers aside, one cannot ignore money as a motivating factor as the estranged Spears parents joined forces. Since she first became a pop star in 1999 on the strength of her hit “Baby One More Time,” she has been the primary breadwinner for the entire Spears clan.

She just had to have broke ass K-Fed who was the father of a toddler with another baby on the way and look where it got her: 

For now, the people around Ms. Spears are occupied with more basic questions — about how she will live, rather than whether she might perform again. Lawyers and her parents are trying to find the appropriate middle ground between confining Ms. Spears physically and allowing her too much freedom for her own good.This is not an easy balance to strike, said one expert on conservatorships for the infirm, Marc B. Hankin, who at one point represented Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. “With good social support and good pharmacologists, you can help people come back to life, and a lot of people will never come back without that,” he said.  

Lesson:  Some penises — no matter how big and luscious – are the path to ruin. 


Are women celebrities treated like s**t compared to men celebrities by the tabloids?


Today’s NY Times has an article exploring the double standard when it comes to covering the trials and tribulations of famous & infamous women and men. There is a justification for the reasons behind tabloid media monitoring every coffee purchase and psych ward stay of Britney Spears and begging off airing video of Heath Ledger attending a party where there were drugs present:

Some editors confirm that they handle female celebrities differently. But the reason, they say, is rooted not in sexism, but in the demographics of their audience.

The readership of US Weekly, for example, is 70 percent female; for People, it’s more than 90 percent, according to the editors of these magazines.

“Almost no female magazines will put a solo male on the cover,” said Janice Min, the editor in chief of US Weekly. “You just don’t. It’s cover death. Women don’t want to read about men unless it’s through another woman: a marriage, a baby, a breakup.”


To me, a bigger reason why Britney Spears and her issues make her a tabloid media poster girl and actors like Heath Ledger and Owen Wilson are treated with a little more kindness.

It’s family.

When the extent of Owen Wilson’s depression was revealed, his family rushed to his side and formed a brick solid support system to protect him from the harsh media glare. Yes, People did a cover story but the public isn’t being subjected to weekly updates on Owen Wilson’s fight with depression. He’s allowed the space to heal in private and with some semblance of dignity.

And I have a feeling that Entertainment Tonight‘s refusal to air the Heath Ledger tape was probably due to a Ledger family member or representative calling the show’s executive producer and asking for empathy during such a tragic time.

In comparison, Britney Spears’ parents called Dr. Phil McGraw to talk to their troubled daughter. Dr. Phil! I can’t imagine that a TV doctor was the best person for them to call. A TV doctor who immediately decided to devote an episode to Britney Spears in light of his ‘in-depth’ session with her.

Now let’s examine two other women who have been subjected to tabloid infamy– Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Again, it goes back to the family.

The Hilton and Lohan families seem to value the spotlight over the emotional health and maturity of their children. Of course, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are grown women but the behavior of their families
during their troubles seem out of touch with the idea of building and maintaining a well adjusted family life.

From the media coverage, I get the feeling that Spears and Lohan were the breadwinners for their families for so long that after a time, seeing them as girls in need of guidance was a completely foreign concept. Where I would see a flesh and blood human being with certain talents, needs and flaws, their families saw dollar signs and more dollar signs. Spears and Lohan have given so much to their families but I wonder what did their families ever give to them?

The Hilton family doesn’t need Paris Hilton to provide their income but she provides something equally valuable in this entertainment crazed culture: celebrity. Granted, Hilton can’t breathy sing and dance as well as Britney or act as well as Lohan (I’m a Mean Girls fan) but she has milked celebrity (even if it’s the pseudo kind) for every last drop it has to offer her no talent having butt. And, to the Hiltons, that’s worth something.

So yeah there is a double standard. Some families see their children as human beings to be loved, nurtured and disciplined (when necessary) and others see their children as bank accounts where they can make constant withdrawals, depositing nothing in return.