Cheesy Song of the Day, April 9: ‘Best of Me’ Chrisette Michele


I’m convinced that this video was shot in Fort Greene.   Right around this area.  On one of those sun-filled spring days that makes you so happy that you are alive to see it and melancholy that it will end.

And now the song — what an amazing coupling of singer & material.  I cannot imagine anyone else singing this song the way Chrisette does it.  Her phrasing beautifully conveys the regret, sadness, heartbreak and hope that accompanies the end of a love affair.  This has been a necessary listen for the last few months.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

Love this song…


Chrisette Michele’s Best of Me

Loved you, lost you
Thought I’d give you
All the best of me
We departed
Broken hearted
I need to be free

Heart healing with a  gentle, inviting groove.