Life is a fascinating journey.


Because hot wax can lead to funny things coming out of my mouth.

Back in 2006, I agreed to sit down and be interviewed about my feelings on waxing. Filmmakers Kimberly M. Wetherell and Amy Axelson invited participants to be as honest and forthcoming as possible about what happens when hot wax is slathered on our hairy body parts to be ripped off by (hopefully) a licensed professional.

During the course of the interview, I shared my reasons for embracing waxing as a choice, but also showed my respect for people who couldn’t be bothered with a vain, expensive and at times, painful beauty treatment. The resulting short WHY WE WAX has won many awards for its comedic, unvarnished exploration of our relationship with the hair…”down there.” In addition, an edited version of the film can be seen on Current TV.

The short even garnered the attention of! (Yay). And The Jane Pratt Show on Sirius Radio which you can check out on the ‘Press’ section of the WHY WE WAX site. (Double yay). Now, the short is funny and cathartic because it gets people talking about their bodies without judgment. But I giggle every time people respond to the following quote by me:

“If you don’t want to wax, don’t wax. Don’t! Let it flow. Get designs on it. Dread that shit.”

So working with Kimberly and Amy, we decided to place the Dread that shit line onto Why We Wax thongs, mugs, tote bags (aka swag). So go support smart, inventive filmmakers and a humorous blogger who 1) likes money and 2) believes people should embrace who they are, no matter what.

Why We Wax [Film website]
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Linkarrhea, February 18th


30 Rock needs to cast her as Jenna’s sane relative.

The GOP’s Jessica Simpson can’t stop doing interviews about her daughter’s fruitful sex life. [Crooks  and Liars] (Also, it continues to be sleazy how badly the GOP’s Jessica Simpson really wants to remain in the limelight by any uterus necessary?  Creepy, no?)

If having a baby means making dollars, maybe I should get knocked up? [Jezebel]

The Financial Crisis for Beginners [The Baseline Scenario]

Aisha Tyler:  I just feel having a baby would cut into my XBox time. Me love her. [Myspace]

Why do people keep giving money to Nic Cage to make films?

I don’t know what these media exiles will do but I’m considering learning how to make soap. [The Media Guy/Ad Age]

Whenever I watch Big Love, I always think of how most men would welcome polygamy in their lives.  I consulted my bf and he said hell no, he wouldn’t want more than one wife.  (He probably doesn’t want any wife!)  I only considered the fringe benefits of men having sex with a different woman when they felt like it and completely forgot about  the emotional reality of negotiating all those different personalities. Thank you HBO for enlightening my limited arse.

It’s stupid how this song makes me feel good everytime I hear it.

Pic via.

Linkarrhea, January 28th


Women who can’t believe that the economic crisis has impacted their relationships with money obsessed finance geeks get a book deal. []

Comparing the First Lady to Lady Diana  is a very easy way to drive up traffic.  Well played. [Times UK]

Who needs a snooty publishing company anyway? [NY Times]

I agree with Bernie Sanders on not  feeling Timothy Geithner as Treasury Secretary. [Democracy Now]

Governor Blago.  You are still in the running to be America’s Loopiest Elected Official.

When I see commercials for a romantic comedy movies  like He’s Just Not Into You that relegates black women to Greek chorus status, I know why Tyler Perry movies do so well. Nine characters and again, we are consigned to the non-existent when it comes to love, lust and all that is in between in these movies. Gah! If I see it, it will be a bootleg!

Ashlee Simpson needs glasses if she thinks this is a size 2. [The Superficial]

I thought this would annoy me but for some reason it doesn’t.


It’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s website GOOP, where Gwyneth counsels her visitors to ‘nourish the inner aspect.’

African GP shares her sagacity on food, travel, art, spirituality, gifts and anything else that falls under the GOOP umbrella.  Now, it would seem that a pampered, wealthy Oscar winner married to a Grammy winning musician instructing the non-Oscar winners on how to live our fullest lives would enrage the ish out of me.

Feelings of inadequacy and  jealousy would engulf me as I downed cuba libres without limes because I can only afford the rum and coke.  Thoughts of GP prattling on about her living a life of ultra luxury, emotional highs/lows, contentment and passion under the guise of ‘helping’ would take my pissivity to the highest order.  Like it does to Jezebel.

They be pissed!

But to me, I feel Gwyneth is free to share her unique and personal take with the world.  So what if most people reading her impressions will only see an Oscar on television screen in their lifetimes?   Or will only snuggle up to photos of  Grammy winners?  So what if she’s best friends with a pop icon that I will not name?   So what?

She’s not holding a gun to people’s heads and saying you can have a life just like mine.  She’s just sharing a little of the wisdom that helps her get through (what I imagine) an extraordinarily comfortable, loving and luxurious life.

Gwyneth is free to be as deluded and patronizing as she wants to be.  Isn’t she just fulfilling the mission that her talent, success and privilege affords her?

Who are any of us to complain at her self-containment?

Besides she worked for it.

And I ain’t mad at that.


GOOP Scoop [Jezebel]

Behind the Gwyneth Paltrow backlash [LA Times]

An open letter to Damon Wayans…


You’ve got a lot of people’s attention with your skit, Abortion Man.

The blogs What About Our Daughters and Jezebel are asking what is up with your tasteless take on unwanted pregnancy but I’m curious about something else.

Damon, what life have you been living that kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach is funny?

Have any of your friends or relatives been subject to the baby shakedown?

(An aside: The baby shakedown is when a woman decides, after her lover, boyfriend, jump-off emphatically states that he doesn’t want a baby and asks her to have an abortion, to have the baby anyway and make him pay child support.

I’m aware it takes two to make a baby but it doesn’t take two to have a baby. If a man states that he doesn’t want to parent a child with a woman, isn’t it best for a woman to take his word for it? There are other options than attempting to force some men in accepting their responsibility. Maybe terminate his parental rights and not ask for any financial support? If the goal is to be a mother, do it. But if the goal is to have a child to keep a man tied to you for the rest of his life no matter who gets hurt then….I don’t know what to say.)

Damon, there must be a baby shakedown in your past to make you come up with this, right? And I wish you would talk about the baby shakedown or whatever else is bothering you about unplanned pregnancies instead of having your son put on a cape to look like an utter fool.

Damon, I think you may need a professional therapist to help you work out the thorny issue of why you feel the best answer to an unplanned pregnancy is a beatdown. Find someone. But please….

no more lousy comedy/social commentary skits. It makes you and your fam look stupid.

Damon Wayans Thinks Violently Attacking Black Pregnant Teens is Funny: “Abortion Man” (WAOD)

“Abortion Man”: The Worst, Supposedly Video You May Ever See (Jezebel) asks if that Lebron and Giselle Vogue cover is offensive…


Tallulah says yes but isn’t surprised.

(Confession: Tallulah does admit she’s hyper-aware of how African American athletes are represented in America and the world because she’s reading William C. Rhoden’s Forty Million Dollar Slaves: The Rise, Fall and Redemption of the Black Athlete. Please forgive her for reading.)

If Vogue wanted to showcase athletes and models as the best bodies, Vogue could have used Tom Brady, the New England Patriots Super Bowl losing quarterback and Giselle’s man. Maybe no hum of controversy but hey, it would be the nice, typical cover of blandness for America’s leading fashion magazine and isn’t that what Anna Wintour wants , 24/7?

Also, there were other photos from the session that would not have tapped into the subconscious fears of many Americans of a big black brute manhandling the most delicate and worthy of prizes. Why use the one that plays into a hoary stereotype?

I know, I know.

Well, Concrete Loop weighs in and so does Sandra Rose.

Check it out.