and my favorite delusional person of the day is….


*I think Gnarls Barkley wrote this song for Rielle*

Rielle Hunter aka former VP John Edwards‘ baby mama.

She’s cray cray! Doesn’t understand that a woman can be a mistress AND a mom.  Told the world that her married baby daddy had other lovers and expected him to keep dating her.

She’s just an all around narcissistic fool.  Her prize for being a delusional fuckwit is nothing.


I wonder if John Edwards is watching Eliot Spitzer make the media rounds and saying….


“If this guy can try to come back after banging prostitutes, then I should have no problem!”

Eliot Spitzer [Big Think]

I can’t see this happening and the man surviving.


From 8 John Edwards’ Secrets via The Daily Beast:

Couple Time

When Elizabeth was out of town making appearances for her book, Edwards and Hunter acted every bit the committed couple in front of Young—Hunter reportedly called the candidate “Love Lips”—and even spent time together along with Edwards’ children. According to Young Hunter slept in the Edwards’ bed and spent time making plans for an eventual wedding to John which would include a performance by the Dave Matthews Band. (The Wall Street Journal)

If my husband brought his lover around our children IN OUR HOUSE behind my back,  I would lose my $%@#^%&88%^###*()@%%%@#$^%&^(()_  mind.  I would try to kill him.  There would be no forgiveness or understanding of such disrespect and cruelty.  I would have to go to jail.

If Elizabeth Edwards was accepting this type of BS as the norm, no wonder she went bonkers.

A song for John Edwards…


Donnie McClurkin

We Fall Down

The lyric

For a saint is just a sinner who fell down
and got up

seems to fit in this situation. Also, maybe it’s time for Americans to GTFU and stop expecting sexual perfection from their candidates. I’m not talking about people who attempt to entice the underage and impressionable into sexual relations, or anyone who engages in an affair at work that violates sexual harassment guidelines or people who find their mouths on strange men’s penises while sharing a room with them (bear with me, I will find the link to that story).

I’m talking about a man who broke a vow to his wife. I’m not minimizing the fallout to their marriage but I would hope that pundits, bloggers and the whole world chill out before condemning John Edwards for doing something that is more common than most Americans care to admit.

Yeah, I’m including the lying too.

So before anyone decries how it’s the end of the world as we know it….

make sure to take a good look in the mirror before throwing around self-righteous condemnation and judgment.

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