Home is where I want to be…..


Having a moment where I want to swallow up every experience. Promise to come back when the consuming becomes what it’s meant to become.


Sometimes we have to unleash what’s bubbling inside of us.


life new york love  brooklynPurging doesn’t have to hurt.

Arrogance and entitlement and drugs can be a dangerous combination. [Philadelphia Weekly]

It’s never too late for a journalist to figure out how to do journalism. [NY Times]

Because change is the only constant.  [NY Magazine]

City Bakery hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow is addictive.

I extend much gratitude to congressional aide Elizabeth Lauten for using her Facebook to malign the First Family like it was her job. Elizabeth Lauten taught me a valuable lesson in how not to be.

found on Fifth Avenue….






Happy September! 

What I know is that I didn’t want to leave.


Happy 4th of July via Kara Walker.

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Artforum (review reminds me I know nothing!)

Some people treated it as if they were in Disneyland.  I guess they were oblivious to the historical realities behind the exhibit?



….I wonder if it’s better to stay silent when someone is less than kind.

Protected: ‘Can we just use each other’s bodies for the night?’


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Somewhere in Manhattan…