Let this be the inspiration for the moments, minutes, hours, days ahead….


Donald Byrd ‘Love Has Come Around’


#throatpunchtuesday: I feel weird that I feel this way but…


“When I watch a movie, or see a play, or read a funny article, all I can think about is how much I want to tell you about it. I just want to tell you about everything. If that’s not a good enough reason to be together, I don’t know what is.”

I feel weird that I want to have someone in my life that I can share this kind of stuff with and who looks forward to doing the same with/for me. I feel weird and worried about it because sometimes, I don’t know if it’s going to happen. I worry that I can do my best, become the bestest me ever and somehow, that piece of life with heads over heels love, trust and fidelity will elude me.

every time it snows, i become a romantic. it’s bizarre but kinda sweet.

what i want and what i need may be two different things.

It’s scary and I have to go lie down now.

My new boyfriend….


My new boyfriend....

WE are so happy together.

Digging through the garbage to get a phone is….


But Olivia, I understand.

I don’t wish that kind of conflicted love on anyone but Olivia, I understand.


i am such a sap….


She looks like she trusts him with her everything.

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller

Marilyn Monroe & Arthur Miller

But we will never know.

today’s to do list…..