and my favorite delusional person of the day is….


*I think Gnarls Barkley wrote this song for Rielle*

Rielle Hunter aka former VP John Edwards‘ baby mama.

She’s cray cray! Doesn’t understand that a woman can be a mistress AND a mom.  Told the world that her married baby daddy had other lovers and expected him to keep dating her.

She’s just an all around narcissistic fool.  Her prize for being a delusional fuckwit is nothing.


immediate mood booster…


Naima & Ben’s engagement video

They are genuinely in love and not in that romantic comedy cloying phony way:



Asian women aren’t getting married! What are we going to do?

It’s a big crisis, y’all!

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I think it’s HIGHLARIOUS that an elected official…


1.  answered a personal ad on Craigslist using his real name.
2. sent photos of himself using his real name.
3. conveniently forgot that he was married.
4. conveniently ignores the possibility  that his emails and photos could be sent to any website, at any time
5. tried to say that he was hacked to avoid responsibility after getting busted for trolling for dates while married.
6. quit when he realized that the hacking story wouldn’t work.

I wonder did the honorable and now former Rep. Chris Lee feel the dread that comes with being exposed as a sneaky and dishonest human being?  Did sweat roll down his armpits? Did he start to feel dizzy? Did he look at his topless photo on Gawker and start yelling ‘Dumb Chris’ while pounding his head?  And what did he do when his wife finally had a chance to look at his horny dumb face in person after seeing his horny dumb face online?

The narrative is familiar: married man and father with public profile is revealed to need (and in most cases, get) sexual healing outside of marriage.  Some names on that list: Tiger Woods, Eliott Spitzer, David Vitter, Bill Clinton, Jim McGreevey, Mark Sanford. And, to my jaundiced eye, there’s nothing wrong with that.

My suggestion to husbands that feel their marriages are too confining: tell your wife before you take your peen on non-marital sex vacation. Patiently explain to your wife that you have urges that shouldn’t be denied and that all that fidelity crap said on your wedding day was, you know, crap.  Make sure to explain that your peen being inside another man or woman has nothing to do with your love and affection for her. It’s just that your peen deserves happiness, too! Be proud to let your wife know that she married a man with the emotional maturity of a 10 year old, just do it before you go on Craigslist.

If you are lucky, your wife will help you pack and send you on your merry cheating way.

As for Chris Lee, Rihanna has a message for him:

A reminder that our lives are richer when we love and are loved.


The Wave []

**The link contains an abstract — go buy the magazine to read the story.  Yes, it’s worth it – a better purchase than a tabloid full of scurrilous stories about Charlie Sheen’s addictions and Halle Berry’s custody battles (wink).

I can’t see this happening and the man surviving.


From 8 John Edwards’ Secrets via The Daily Beast:

Couple Time

When Elizabeth was out of town making appearances for her book, Edwards and Hunter acted every bit the committed couple in front of Young—Hunter reportedly called the candidate “Love Lips”—and even spent time together along with Edwards’ children. According to Young Hunter slept in the Edwards’ bed and spent time making plans for an eventual wedding to John which would include a performance by the Dave Matthews Band. (The Wall Street Journal)

If my husband brought his lover around our children IN OUR HOUSE behind my back,  I would lose my $%@#^%&88%^###*()@%%%@#$^%&^(()_  mind.  I would try to kill him.  There would be no forgiveness or understanding of such disrespect and cruelty.  I would have to go to jail.

If Elizabeth Edwards was accepting this type of BS as the norm, no wonder she went bonkers.

Divorce is never fun….


says a woman who has never been married.

I imagine it must be a drag to change your entire routine to accommodate someone’s need to grow without you.

And to do it in the public eye with some vulture masquerading as a journalist feasting on the carcass of your dead relationship?

Not fun at all.

So I’m not going to laugh or heap opprobium on any of the parties involved in the latest celebrity marriage that seems headed for the land of asset review, custodial arrangements and lawyers.

Spokeswoman: Madonna and Guy Ritchie to Divorce [AP]

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