this is my song of the summer…


Shocking, right?


Still true…


Happy Sunday!



Happy Valentine’s Day….


Stop everything you are doing and listen to this song….


oh f*ck….


I had an awesome New Year’s Eve.  After this asshole made my Christmas Day a fucking train wreck, I was glad to have a plan that didn’t feature me starting 2014 watching old movies in my pajamas.  Thank goodness for Brooklyn house parties and old friends, right?  Add in an eager party partner and I was set.  But before the party flirting and dancing began, we decided to risk going to dinner. On New Year’s Eve. Without a reservation.

Most trendy Brooklyn restaurants were booked solid. Except the one that wasn’t taking reservations on one of the busiest nights of the year.  Diner to the rescue!  My friend & I walked in and were seated in their overflow seating area: an Airstream trailer.

Diner Williamsburg Tallaluh Bankhead Nate Gordon is an asshole

The Diner airstream was a bit larger with a potbelly stove and comfy seating.

Good times! As the drinks started flowing, this song filled the airstream.  I remember we loved the beat so much that it pulled us away from our conversation and we had to ask the waitress ‘who is this?’

Yes, Solange. We were surprised that it was her and the song was good!

Some weeks later, I went searching for the song to recreate the warm emotional resonance of the night and to determine if my initial reaction was genuine or just liquor based overenthusiasm.

I like a Solange song.

Shit I like a Solange EP!

Here’s to more eye and ear openers for 2014.

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a reminder for the year ahead…


Happy New Year.