“Back then she had more heft and more teeth.”


Barbara Terry has worked as a prostitute for over 30 years, supported 4 kids and bought a house. She doesn’t want to quit.


Age 52, and Still Working The Streets


What the cotton hill does Eliott Spitzer have to be angry about?


The NY Times reports that the policer/lover of prostitutes is sometimes still pissed after his resignation as New York’s governor.  What? Let’s review his life since the truth about his indulgence for paid side sex was revealed:

  • His wife did not leave him.
  • His family’s wealth ensure that he is not some broke ass civil servant reject.
  • He still has friends.

True, he may still be prosecuted for his crimes but hey, I’m sure he knows how to manage that … he was an attorney general in a previous life.  And he cannot indulge in any kind of bodacious crowing about Wall Street’s financial meltdown as the former Sheriff of Wall Street because seriously, who is going to listen to him?  And yet, he’s reaching out for someone else to provide cover for a reputation and career that he torpedoed due to his own hubris:

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer was reading his newspaper on a recent Thursday morning when he was jolted by a comment made by his successor, David A. Paterson.

In the 22nd paragraph of a New York Times article on Aug. 21, Mr. Paterson said that aides to Mr. Spitzer had lacked experience in Albany, and added that the Spitzer administration’s management approach sometimes “just didn’t work.”

Mr. Spitzer grew upset, according to a senior aide to Mr. Paterson and another official. He picked up the phone, reached a Paterson aide, demanded a public apology from the governor and “issued threats, veiled and unveiled” against Mr. Paterson, said the aide, who insisted on anonymity because he did not want to anger either man.

No public apology was offered; Mr. Spitzer and Mr. Paterson have not spoken since June.

What does it mean that a brilliant and indulged man cannot acknowledge that his own choices have led to his current circumstance?

6 Months Later, Spitzer Is Contrite, Yes, but Sometimes Still Angry [NY Times]

A madam’s book filled with politicians & athletes?


I hope someone is making copies of it and faxing it to the news media as I type.

Kristen Davis (not the actress from SATC) is the rumored madam and is being accused of pimping women for as much as $1,600 an hour through her Wicked Models.

(What would Tallulah use $1,600 instead of purchasing sex?

$700 – rent

$300 – groceries

$600 – Halliburton stock)

Ms. Davis was brought down by her neighbors who were tired of seeing her customers traipsing through the shared hallways.

All future madams: get one of your foreign investors to purchase you a brownstone for CHEAP! so you won’t have to worry about nosy, indignant neighbors ratting you out.