UPDATED – Tallulah wonders….


why didn’t Shar Jackson flip out when K-Fed dumped her for Britney?

While she was pregnant?

I can’t fully explore this because I’m heading out to a viewing of the exhibit

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but I will when I return.


Let’s rewind to 2004 when Britney and Kevin got it into their heads to be together.

Britney and Kevin became engaged on June 27, 2004; Shar gave birth to their second child Kaleb on July 20, 2004.

Given all the hormonal changes that pregnancy wreaks on the body, I’m stunned that Shar wasn’t running around in the streets of Los Angeles sans underwear, hanging out with Lindsay and Paris and being a general nuisance in light of Kevin’s choice to break out and be with the pop star.

That’s right, she couldn’t she was having the man’s baby and raising his other one.

Now, I may not agree with Shar’s subsequent forays into maintaining her time in the slimelight but a single mother has got to do what she has got to do.

But Miss Britney?

She lost her mind when she realized that her prize stud husband was going to party like a single man using her hard earned money.

He wanted to continue partying like a single man using his wife’s money.

So Miss Britney lost her semi-illiterate mind. Her behavior of the last six months proves it. That was unacceptable to this chick. Although she had a major heads up that Kevin could be a selfish, opportunistic prick, Britney could not grasp that he would ever toss her to the side in the same way he did Shar.

Maybe Shar didn’t flip because she knew and accepted the flawed Kevin. She knew he was a trick but could roll with having his kids. Once he made his move to be Britney’s ‘kept’ man, Shar took care of her business without visits to psych wards or unprofessional performances on live music shows.

Although a little cynical voice believes Kevin and Shar decided that Britney was their mark for access to her money and fame and it worked like a charm, I’m still on the side that Shar wasn’t a spoiled and stupid pop star who thought the world owed her a man to love because oops she wanted him.