Life is a fascinating journey.


Because hot wax can lead to funny things coming out of my mouth.

Back in 2006, I agreed to sit down and be interviewed about my feelings on waxing. Filmmakers Kimberly M. Wetherell and Amy Axelson invited participants to be as honest and forthcoming as possible about what happens when hot wax is slathered on our hairy body parts to be ripped off by (hopefully) a licensed professional.

During the course of the interview, I shared my reasons for embracing waxing as a choice, but also showed my respect for people who couldn’t be bothered with a vain, expensive and at times, painful beauty treatment. The resulting short WHY WE WAX has won many awards for its comedic, unvarnished exploration of our relationship with the hair…”down there.” In addition, an edited version of the film can be seen on Current TV.

The short even garnered the attention of! (Yay). And The Jane Pratt Show on Sirius Radio which you can check out on the ‘Press’ section of the WHY WE WAX site. (Double yay). Now, the short is funny and cathartic because it gets people talking about their bodies without judgment. But I giggle every time people respond to the following quote by me:

“If you don’t want to wax, don’t wax. Don’t! Let it flow. Get designs on it. Dread that shit.”

So working with Kimberly and Amy, we decided to place the Dread that shit line onto Why We Wax thongs, mugs, tote bags (aka swag). So go support smart, inventive filmmakers and a humorous blogger who 1) likes money and 2) believes people should embrace who they are, no matter what.

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