Cheesy Song of the Day, April 14: ‘Romeo’s Tune’ Steve Forbert


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I like the pop songs that capture the simplicities and complexities of falling in love.  That someone who can make you walk on joy can also send you to the depths of despair.  It’s not right but it’s okay.

What’s YOUR Cheesy Song of the Day?

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Link Slut, November 14


Is it wrong that I don’t care Lebron has found the courage to support Barack Obama? Wealthy and indulged athlete wakes up and realizes that there’s more to the world than him getting a championship ring.  Oh gawd. [Page 2]

Michelle: The Book Liza Mundy, Michelle Obama’s unauthorized biographer is interviewed. [Democracy Now!] Excerpt:

AMY GOODMAN: Talk about the—well, it has become infamous—thesis of Michelle Obama, well, then Michelle Robinson, which I thought was very interesting, when you laid out exactly what she was trying to do in the survey that she conducted of black Princeton alumni.

LIZA MUNDY: Well, I think that every Princeton alumnus felt—you know, we all felt a collective shudder when we learned that her thesis had been posted online, because, you know, anybody who’s written a senior thesis would identify. You know, God forbid my thesis ever be posted online. I know the circumstances under which they’re written, and, you know, paragraphs written at the last minute at the suggestion of your adviser. And then twenty-five years later, somebody’s picking over the sentences, you know, to use them against your husband. It’s really just mindboggling.

Luxuriating in the language, passion and clarity of President Elect Barack Obama’s acceptance speech [The New Yorker]

I feel bad that I want to see this movie.  It makes me feel like some person trapped in a time warp who needs to be comforted by the visual of a white knight action hero while critiquing the First World assumptions that will, undoubtedly, litter the cinematic landscape of the action hero.  My contradictions make me uncomfortable yet I wonder if it’s better to ignore or embrace them.

Because it’s a love song that makes me happy:

Steve Forbert Romeo’s Tune

A Jennifer Hudson Gap campaign triggers cognitive dissonance for me.  [Yahoo News]