I loved B.F.’S DAUGHTER….


adored it!  Barbara Stanwyck can do anything.  The ending was the best part.  I’m going to watch it again!

“Marriage is like a business, Polly. It’s like a business —


more trouble sometimes but it’s an investment. Your youth, and a lot of hope and emotion — all in it.”

-B.F. to his daughter Polly

The relationship between Polly and her father is kind, thoughtful and gracious.

Polly Fulton (Barbara Stanwyck) fell in love with Tom Brett’s (Van Heflin) brain…


even though he’s not the man her father would want her to marry. Her mind is made up that she can help him be the best him he can be.   Polly leaves 516 Park Avenue to live with her husband in a cabin.  Love makes a girl do some crazy sh8t. Her friend (lover of the Blood in the Snow drink)

is going to marry Polly’s former fiance.  Ah.

Okay I have to watch the rest of the movie.

Couple declare their love for each other after one date and one kiss.


I don’t even care if it’s realistic — it’s so romantic! And now they are going to get married!

I love BF’s Daughter!

Additional background: Barbara Stanwyck did ask her fiance to marry her.  REPEATEDLY.  But her fiance, a lawyer, wants to wait until he becomes partner.

He snoozed and she moved the f8ck on.

#bartenders & #drinkers, is there a drink named Blood in the Snow?


I’m watching Barbara Stanwyck in BF’s Daughter and she meets her friend in a speakeasy and that’s the name of the drink her friend orders.

Has anyone tasted this?

it was a week of new loves….


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New Bedside Inspiration: Sunflowers
Thanks to the Bedside Story post on le zoe musings blog, I got rid of my bedside clutter and replaced it with some bedside clarity.

New Read: The Elements of Screenwriting – Irwin R. Blacker
I want to better understand movies.

New Love: Miss Jessie’s Curl Bar
It rocked my world – fast, fun, soothing and a haircut that I love.  I cannot wait to go back!

New Drink: Water
Must stay hydrated during these wretched heatwaves.

What’s new in your life?

The Bah Hambug Chronicles – Commercials


In today’s installment of the Bah Humbug Chronicles, I list the commercials that make me want to stuff my money under the  mattress and watch Turner Classic Movies until January 20, 2009.

*Donald Trump and Jessica Simpson remind me of qualities that make the world a depressing and awful place: avarice, gluttony, stupidity, inflated sense of self-entitlement/importance.  I’m never going into another Macy’s as long as I live.

*Another commercial basically begging cash strapped Americans to chase the dragon with more unnecessary purchases on their credit cards.  One may not be able to afford a mortgage, food and health insurance, but there’s always dough for cheap, poorly made crap from K-Mart.

*This commercial is the only time you can see a Best Buy employee actually being helpful, thoughtful and nice.

But the classic, all time, commercial that makes me loathe the whole holiday means shopping thing?

The Lexus one with the big red bow. (I can’t find the video….yet.)

*Every year, Lexus trots out this trite tribute to conspicuous consumption (question: in what neighborhood do people wait to see a neighbor receive a new car?) Never mind that most people can’t even afford the bow to put on a Lexus this year.  Most people are moving into their Lexuses this year.  That’s the ad I want to see.