Movie I will pay to see…


Should I go to the movies this weekend?



The last movie I saw was There Will Be Blood and I wasn’t disappointed.

Daniel Day Lewis commands the screen as a crazed greedy maniac oil man. Watching him, I thought of all the super successful people in the world and wondered if they are living in a constant state of me monomania. I loved that his performance made my brain go off on tangents and that I believed in his Daniel Plainview.

But this weekend I may have a tough time finding that.

Semi Pro – Will I laugh as hard as I laughed at Old School and The Landlord?

The Other Boleyn Girl – I would rather start a meth lab than pay to see Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson for two hours.

Penelope – A movie about a girl with pig nose searching for true love means pajamas, sofa and hot chocolate to me. It doesn’t translate to me even thinking about leaving the house.

City of Men – A sequel of sorts to City of God, which was a riveting, brutal with funny moments. Am I up for a return to the slums of Rio?

Vantage Point– I wanted to see this when I saw the trailers in January. Then the swelling went down in my brain. The cast is good (Forest Whitaker, Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, Matthew Fox) but at some point, the feeling of being force fed political thriller cliches will bother me and I will get pissed for spending $11 to have my time wasted.

Be Kind Rewind – I don’t know why I’m not feeling this Michel Gondry movie because I loved Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Is it because I’m tired of Jack Black? Or Mos Def annoys me a little? I don’t know but little T is whispering that I will be clawing my eyes out in boredom.